A few years ago, I taught an eight-week class on prayer at our church. The blog posts you see here are a result of this work. My goal was to teach about prayer and then introduce a form of prayer that fit that with teaching. So, for example, “Beginning Where We Are” fits with the form of Simple Prayer.

If you’d like to do further reading, I was influenced by
Richard Foster’s Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home,
Dallas Willard’s Hearing God,
N.T. Wright’s The Lord and His Prayer,
Philip Yancey’s Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference,
Eugene Peterson’s Tell It Slant,
Adele Calhoun’s Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, and
Andrew Murray’s With Christ in the School of Prayer.

I’ll say that preparing a class on prayer strengthened my own prayer life. I still feel like a beginner, but the broad, expansive ways that God allows and enables me to pray have been freeing and friendly. I pray that you hear God say to you, “We are friends,” as you not only read about prayer, but actually pray.

Session 1: Praying as Beginners
1A. Beginning Where We Are
1B. Simple Prayer
2A. Prayer’s Purpose
2B. Formation Prayer
3AB. Search Me, Know Me & The Prayer of Examen

Session 2: The Lord’s Prayer
4A. Our Father, Who Art in Heaven
4B. Hallowed Be Thy Name
4C. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done…
4D. Liturgical Prayer
5A. Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
5B. And Forgive Us Our Trespasses…
5C. The Daily Office
6A. And Lead Us Not into Temptation…
6B. For Thine is the Kingdom…

Session 3: Times, Places, and Topics
7A. I Just Don’t Have Time: Finding a Rhythm
7B. Unceasing Prayer
8AB. Praying in Secret and P-p-praying in Public and Breath Prayer
9A. Prayer Top 10 Lists
9B. The Prayer of Relinquishment
9C. What Do People Pray in the New Testament? Prayers to God
9D. What Do People Pray in the New Testament? Prayers for Our Needs
9E. What Do People Pray in the New Testament? Prayers for the Church & Others

Session 4: Healing, Fasting, and Unanswered Prayers
10AB. Prayer and Physical Healing
11AB. Prayer and Fasting
12AB. Unanswered Prayer and an Absent God (Petitionary Prayer)

Session 5: Praying for One Another and “Changing God”
13AB. Pray For Me, Please (Finding Prayer Partners)
14AB. And I’ll Pray For You (Intercessory Prayer)
15A. Does Prayer Change God?
15B. Praying the Attributes of God

Session 6: Spiritual Warfare, Authority, and Using Jesus’ Name
16A. Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
16B. Praying with Authority
17AB. Do You Trust Me?
18A. In Jesus’ Name, Amen
18B. Sitting with the Trinity in Prayer

Session 7: Listening to God and Praying Scripture
19AB. The Sacrifice of Fools (Prayer and Silence)
20A. How Do I Hear God?
20B. The Prayer of Availability
21AB. Praying Scripture Back to God

Session 8: Three Final Forms
22AB. Prayer of Thanksgiving
23AB. Complaining to God (Prayer of Lament)
24AB. Superheroes, the False Self, and the Prayer of Recollection

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