Ordo Salutis

An ordo salutis is a “way of salvation.” John Wesley never was a systematic theologian, but his preaching reflected his beliefs about what it meant to be a saved person. In the Wesleyan tradition, I have drawn from him and others to craft an ordo salutis which describes how, from birth to death, we might understand the grace of God operating in our lives and our roles in partnership and cooperation with God in the dance of salvation.

Here it is in visual form. Below you will find the links to every post that describes just what is happening on this diagram.

  1. 8c0e3-ordosalutisdiagramAn Overview of the Process: A Wesleyan Ordo Salutis
  2. The Telos, or Goal, of the Christian Life
  3. Prevenient Grace
  4. Original Sin 
  5. Conviction and Awareness of Sin 
  6. Repentance
  7. Interlude: Overview of the Human Self
  8. Conversion
  9. Repentance: Renewing the Mind
  10. Progressive Sanctification
  11. Catalysts
  12. Holiness/Perfect Love
  13. Glorification





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