Small Group Leader Training

In the past, I have called the training we provide to small group leaders “teleios training.” Teleios is a Greek word which generally means “complete” or “perfect.” It speaks of the goal God has for each believer: full maturity in Christ. At our church, I use this concept as a regular way to communicate with our adult small group leaders. We have the excellent privilege of teaching and admonishing others that they might be presented to Christ, on the day of His second coming, as fully mature in Him (Colossians 1:28).

The posts you see in this section of the blog are written with this audience in mind. You’re more than welcome to peer over our shoulders as we seek to be the best small group leaders we can be. Some posts will be more theological, some practical, but all geared toward helping SGLs lead well.

They will all fall under one of these six domains that we consider to be values of small groups.

  1. Know Yourself/Model Personal Growth: Leaders know who they are in Christ and they are aware of how God is shaping them so that they can model this walk with Christ to those in their group.
  2. Put Relationships First: Leaders prioritize friendships so that group members build authentic relationships in a safe environment.
  3. Facilitate and Lead: Leaders lead the group with the end in mind by navigating the stages of a small group and facilitating discussion so that group members engage in the group and contribute to one another’s growth in Christ.
  4. Replace Yourself: Leaders actively apprentice another person within the group so that the disciple-making process continues.
  5. Spiritual Formation: Leaders listen and lead in Scripture study and prayer so that they can help group members take their next step of spiritual growth.
  6. Extend Care and Compassion: Leaders and groups embody the compassion of Christ as they care for people’s needs personally and through the resources of the church.


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