Choosing Small Group Curriculum

What are we studying? A common question and often deciding factor for those participating in a small group. Small group leaders need to be ready to wade through the myriad of choices Christians are pumping out. If you’re like most of the small group leaders I know, you don’t spend time browsing Christian publishing house websites. You’re not familiar with the latest content. You have a life!

So when it comes time to finding the next thing, you’ve got a little bit of time to make a decision. There are ways to narrow things down and pick something that will meet the spiritual needs of your group.

I created a small group curriculum tool for our church that is pretty comprehensive. You don’t have to answer every question to make it work. The goal is for you to think about each aspect of a curriculum as you pick one.

It covers topics like:

  • Category
  • Group members suggestions
  • Scripture and theology
  • Christian life and life application
  • Format and timeframe
  • Small group leader prep time
  • Small group members and learning
  • Cost
  • An appendix of suggested authors
  • A list of websites to consult

Download it here as a PDF.


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