Best of 2016: Top 10 Posts

This year, I began blogging again. And I hope to continue in 2017. My series on prayer will be done in a couple more posts. Although that was my topic for new content this year, it was not the only thing people viewed. Here are my top 10 posts from this year by your reading, only three of which were on prayer. With just under 2,000 views, the bottom five have been read only 15-20 times. You gotta start somewhere, right? But the #1 post has been viewed 660 times. My sense is that, with the lack of other content like this out there from a Wesleyan perspective, this one fits a need that some pastors and students are looking for.

10. Ordo Salutis: Spiritual Disciplines. The “ordo salutis” is a way of looking at the scope of salvation and God’s work in our lives from beginning to end. The link above takes you to the overview page to see it all. This post hit on our role in the disciplined path of grace.

9. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Part of the prayer series, this one addresses the Christian practice of ending prayers with that phrase and what it truly means to pray in the name of Jesus. By the way, I don’t think getting this phrase in there is what Christ meant.

8. Pray for Me, Please. This one went along with “And I’ll Pray For You” and touched on how we can ask others to pray for us. Its twin taught on the role of intercessory prayer as a form of love for others.

7. Ordo Salutis: Conversion. Back to the older posts, I hit on the things that take place at conversion, when someone is made new and “becomes a Christian.” Its far more than being forgiven of your sins.

6. Am I Doing This Right? Prayer. This post was the beginning of the series and started where we all start: as beginners needing to learn how to pray.

5. Spiritual Leadership 1: An Honorable Mention. A long time ago (June 2014), I started blogging through a book called Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders. I didn’t get too far. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll keep going in 2017.

#4. Ordo Salutis 4: Repentance. This post, along with the next two, form part of the beginning of my ordo salutis. God makes us aware of our sin by the convicting work of the Holy Spirit. All along, without our knowing, He has been giving us grace upon grace (prevenient meaning “go before”) to draw us to Him. As we hear the truth about God and ourselves, we can then respond in repentance–turning from our sin and to God. All of this precedes conversion.

#3. Ordo Salutis 3: Prevenient Grace.

#2. Ordo Salutis 2: Conviction and Awareness of Sin.

#1. An Overview of the Process: A Wesleyan Ordo Salutis. I’m curious to hear from those who’ve checked this post out. What did you think? And are you working on your own understanding of salvation?

So, what do you want to see this year? I’m still figuring out my writing plan and would love your input.


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